Commercial awnings increase visibility, enhance image, complement architecture of your awnings.
An awning well designed and attractive is one of the most effective way to get advertising, creating and inviting store front fro customers.

Awnings can assume a variety of shapes and sizes, fabric are available in hundreds of colors and patterns, can accentuate a building entrance and / or serve as a signage. Canvas Awnings make a lasting impression that will bring your customers back again and again. Eye catching colors and durable fabric that crisp, grand-opening look for years to come.
Awnings set a business apart and make it stand out from the crowd.



Awnings are one of the best ways you can add functionality, beauty and value to your home. Well designed awnings look good and improve your quality of life. The addition of awnings to your home is money well spent.

There are all types of awnings, including awnings for both your doors and your windows. But all awnings provide shade from the sun in summer. This is one of the mayor advantages of adding awnings to your home. By reducing the effect of the sun on your glass areas you dramatically reduce the amount of the heat that builds up inside your home. This in turn makes your home more comfortable and reduces your air conditioning bill. Or even avoids the need for air conditioning.


Signs & Graphics

Awnings with graphics will accentuate a building entrance, serve as a signage and advertising, is the first thing that customers see when looking for your business, the awning graphics will enhance your company visibility.

ESA AWNINGS Inc. Provide a full service of design-printing department for your awning graphics needs, we reproduce custom graphics, like your logo or any special design you have in mind.
We can help you to visualize how the awning with your logo or graphics may look like, we use an existing photo of the building and draw the proposed awning with the graphics in the picture, that way you will have a better idea of how your project will look when is installed.

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Patio Awnings

Awnings on your patio are great for making your home or business more elegant, unique, and welcoming. Covering an outdoor space of your house or business place with beautiful awnings is a way of also making them look flawless. Apart from the flawless look, it is also a great covering that can be used for dining and recreation.

A patio awning protects the outdoor area from harsh weather conditions by shielding the sun and wind away, thus creating a wonderful terrace suitable for hanging around. They also extend the living space in homes, therefore adding value to the home’s worth.

The positioning of awnings varies depending on the intended usage. For instance, awnings can be positioned over a door, a window, or above the area along a sidewalk in residential buildings.