ESA Awnings Warranty Info


Standard Sunbrella, Sauleda, and Dickson Fabrics

Ten (10) year limited warranty. Fire treatment of the above fabrics
voids the manufacture’s warranty.


Ferrari 502 Satin

Eight (8) Years limited warranty.


Sunbrella Firesist, Patio 500, Marlen Top Gun FR

Five (5) year limited warranty.


Awntex Fabric

Five (5) year limited warranty.


Phifertex Fabric

Three (3) year limited warranty.


Aluminum Awnings

Ten (10) years warranty on materials.


Retractable Awnings

Five (5) years warranty on frames and motors. Retractable awnings are not meant for rainy or windy conditions and should be retracted under these conditions or when not in use. Failure to do so will void the manufacturer’s warranty.


Gore Tex Tenara Thread

Life time limited warranty.



Four (4) year warranty on workmanship as required by the Contractors State License Board of California.


*The cost to replace materials or parts under warranty ARE NOT covered by this document. Customer will be responsible for the cost of labor to replace defective materials.