Harness the Power of Outdoor Space with High-Quality Restaurant Awnings

A red restaurant awning in the front of a dining spot

A red restaurant awning in the front of a dining spot

If you’re a restaurant owner seeking to enhance your outdoor dining spaces and provide protection from the elements, ESA Awnings offers the ideal solution – restaurant awnings. As patrons increasingly seek comfortable seating away from the indoor hustle and bustle, optimizing these areas becomes crucial. With ESA Awnings’ restaurant awnings, you can seamlessly achieve both comfort and weather protection for your customers

Create Inviting Atmospheres That Draw Customers In

Custom-designed awnings allow you to transform formerly underutilized areas into vibrant destinations. Fabric covered frames provide shelter from sun and rain, while spacious canopies encourage lingering. Strategically placed lighting enhances the ambiance after dark.

It’s simple – comfortable customers spend more time and money. Awnings establish your restaurant as an oasis whether dining al fresco or grabbing takeout. They render once bland patios into cozy nooks for socializing with friends and family.

Simplify Maintenance While Strengthening Your Brand

A restaurant with red and white striped awnings.

Heavy-duty aluminum constructions and solution-dyed fabrics stand up to weathering with minimal wear. Self-repairing valence hems eliminate fraying and cover unattractive hardware. This translates to more time running your business and less on upkeep.

Consistent branding across locations helps expand your presence. Our expert graphic design flatters any style from causal taquerias to white tablecloth steakhouses. Customers recognize your quality no matter which neighborhood they visit. Standardized signage, too, amplifies name recognition.

Achieve an Unmatched Return on Your Investment

Increasing same-store sales by even a few percentage points annually through expanded seating pays for awnings many times over. Place orders now to welcome spring patrons with a vibrant al fresco experience unlike any other in the area.

Receive a quote customized to your lot configuration and design preferences. We’ll work within your budget to deliver an elegant and hardworking solution. You’ll be amazed by the bottom line boost – and satisfied patrons – restaurant awnings provide.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Spaces?

Contact ESA Awnings today for a free estimate. One of our experienced consultants can assess your property and needs. Together, we’ll design the perfect setup to expand your business. call toll-free at (888) 458-0606 and let’s get started!

With products tailored for the demands of the restaurant industry, you can rely on ESA Awnings to handle all your outdoor dining shelter requirements. Whether a single location or national chain, we ensure consistency across your brand. Our high-performance awnings marry aesthetics with rugged functionality season after season.

Trust the Experts in Restaurant Awnings

A yellow awning with the word light on it.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, we have completed hundreds of successful hospitality projects. We provide an extensive 10-year guarantee, ensuring long-term satisfaction and thanks to our in-house production capabilities, we’re able to offer faster fabrication times, leading to quicker installations. Also, you’ll love this – we’ve got hundreds of colors to choose from, s o, no matter what your project needs, we’ve definitely got the perfect color to match.

From casual taquerias to white tablecloth steakhouses, restaurant awnings from ESA Awnings are the ultimate solution for maximizing outdoor spaces. High-performing shelters paired with expert planning take your al fresco possibilities to the next level.

You need a partner focused solely on meeting your objectives. As specialists in commercial grade awnings, no request is too complex. We bring a wealth of technical expertise streamlining projects from design through completion. Complimentary consultations get you started . Call us today at (888) 458-0606!

Contact us today for a FREE estimate! We look forward to discussing ways to boost sales and customers’ experience through well-crafted outdoor dining areas.